Monday, September 22, 2008

Making Your Own Tahini and Hummus

Now, before you guys start to ask me what Tahini are (i believe most girls would know, hence, me asking guys this question as the opening sentence to this blog entry) let me just put it in simple word - ground sesame seeds.

Such fancy name for something that simple eh?

You wanna tahini with ini?

Tahini could be used for cooking, or even to replace peanut butter as bread spread.

They are expensive (those sold in supermarket) and they are nothing more than grounded sesame seeds.

So, when i found out that it wasn't any special ingredient needed to make Tahini, i decided to make some myself.

Grab a mortar and pestle and proceed to sit down and relentlessly grind and pound of 'em sesame seeds until they are of some paste consistency.



Just add a lil water to make the paste smoother in texture. It helps.

Compared to the Tahini that wifey bought, it was in more "watery" consistency, meaning, they are more finely grinded/pounded and might has more liquid in them. As usual, nothing beats home made, eventhough the texture is not as fine/smooth as the one we could get in the market.

My Tahini(lighter colour) vs. the Prepacked Tahini(darker)

I admit, my Tahini doesn't looked as appetising, but rest assured, both taste the same. Both carries the slightly bitter taste of sesame seeds (eaten in large volume).

Now, what do you do with Tahini? Wifey learnt from Auntie G that Tahini can be used to make Hummus (pronounced as Ha-Mos), a middle east dip or spread made by combining chickpea (Kacang kuda), garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and some salt.

The ingredient are mashed and mixed together and the end produce is something tangy and goes with anything. We love it with sliced carrot and salad.

We made one big tupperware load of the Hummus and it was since eaten on the Garlic Cheese bread we made over the weekend and basically even as dip for the papadam we microwave-fried. Simply delicious and healthy i must say.

My apologies if my entry ruse a few empty stomach during this fasting month. Like i say, it wasn't done on purpose, but somehow, all these cooking bug came upon me when Ramadhan started!

Wait a minute, the hummus make good Iftar dip!

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