Monday, September 15, 2008

Ramadhan Special : Genting Night Run #1 - Report

What a run.

It was easier to cycle up than to run up.

My very ambitious plan to run up and down did not materialise and i was jeered by some of them.

Running up from 1800 feet to 5700 feet takes a big strain on those miserly calves of mine. Dealing with incline in access of 8 degree all the way up was not one way to "enjoy" the run.

Up Hill all the way...almost

Hats off to Yip for running up within 3 hours and running down again within 2 hours. He made it looked too easy.

My respect to a Yusran, Kar Yan and a few others that ran all the way up and made it looked like their usual 20K run from Bukit Aman to Hartamas and back.

Special mention to AJ, which ran up without ANY water.

And of course, congrats to all the first timer that did it and successfully finished it. That would be a lot of people, and yes, we are that crazy, if not any closer to being insane.

Also, to Bandit, for knowing his limit and finishing the run to Goh Tong. Many (like me) would just hide behind our own ego and suffer all the way up.

Genting from KM 15

Thanks for the great Friday night/Saturday morning run guys and girls. Don't forget, there will be anohter session this coming 19th September, same place. same time!

Here is my miserly run stats:

My Average speed was a slow 5km/h. That's as fast as walking and i thought i was running until KM6.1 (to Genting)


less worthy

Master Ultra Mutant Sifu

Sitting in Starbuck, but not drinking/eating anything


I think i overdid it with my gears. Running up with 1 Camelbak, 3 liters of water, 1 GPS, 2 Handphones, 1 rain jacket, 1 change of clothes, 1 Ipod, 3 blinkers and 1 headlights; i was technically ready to survive ala "Man vs. Wild".

Inspector Gadget...some says! It was more for my journey down actually, which never materialised. I guess i found my limit on Friday night. Being too eager to do a full marathon (or more) with no training and getting all excited about the blisters finally healed wasn't the best idea. In Arif's word...TAKE IT SLOW bro!

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