Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday, Saturday & Sunday In Pictures

Short of time but have a nagging need to update the blog.

Last run up Genting for Ramadhan. Started by 10pm. Ran up with a whole big group.

Dino, Doc, Yip, Rashid, Me

Senn and Me welcoming the participant, MH style!

Thanks Senn for the pics.

Extremely proud of myself for able to run until the final 2km of the route. Did not stop moving forward and managed to clock sub 3 hours to finish the run at the top.

The wind were stronger than expected and with a body all drenched in sweat, the chill was bone deep.

Damn happy with the run. Next up is to run all the way up, no stopping.

Well done to all that has surpassed their own limit. Genting is not easy as you are dealing with a minimal 8 degrees of slope all the way up..and it only get steeper after KM4.0


Had a good 4 hours of sleep and were awaken by Ryan's constantly asking for his granma. Had a headache, most probably due to sleeping with a wet hair (time to get a haircut!) and Ryan's cries.

Wifey managed to make one of her speciality cake while i was in office trying to sort out more work. it has been pretty stress-full weeks for me and the pressure doesn't seems to wane off.

Carrot Cake!

By the time i sliced to have another piece, it was only a quarter left...good things goes fast.

Moist, Nutty, Carroty, Perfect

I then spent the rest of Saturday helping my sis to source for a 300W power supply for the 7 years old PC at home. What used to be RM40 (Enlight, mind you) is in excess of RM100 now. Unacceptable!

Dinner was again, home cooked. And this week, Wifey bought 2 slab of beef to marinate and grill...

Marinated with garlic, basil, sesame, shallots and teriyaki sauce

Overcooked :(

I over estimated the cooking time and instead of getting a medium well piece of steak, we ended up getting a well done...perhaps, too well done pieces of steak.

It was a tough dinner, really. But not one to waste anything, me and wifey gobbled down the whole dish. Nothing was left to waste.


Work through the night to get more work done. With a blurry eyes and even blurier mind, it was a task. I was dealing mainly with invoicing and it wasn't funny trying to figure out the figures. But somehow, i managed to do so. THe invoices to be done has now reduced to a single digit. But, i know more will come, especially on those reimbursables claims. Luckily client is on leave for her Raya. But I've already clocked more than a day's work by Sunday.

The rest of the day was spent baking.

L-R : Apricot, Strawberry, Blueberry and taruk all you want fillings

It was deliciously delicious. I'm having two now (while blogging about this)

We made porridge for dinner and i lightly pan fried 3 fresh tofu and added a dash of sesame oil and some fried shallot. The porridge has salted eggs, dried oyster and braised peanuts.

That wrapped up the week.

Now, back to craziness. 3 Meetings slotted in for today. 8 more invoices to go. And that is just for one country.

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