Friday, October 03, 2008

Stupe In Motion

This collage makes me smile today.

Which me do you readers prefer? I personally like this one.

Simply because it shows i am fat, and i hope i won't grow that fat to take a pic and remind myself that i will NOT be that fat.

And i looked like some teen with overdrive hormones in this one.

On the other hand, i look like that kid star in "home alone".

But this picture makes me look like my dad very much...

But of course, he got bigger eyes.

Tell me which of the 26 above you guys and girls like...humor me.

Something is wrong with the connection to blogger at work. I can't seems to access any blogspot site via the proxy. I'm doing this via wifi connection, that bypass the proxy. Lets hope this is not permanent, else, i won't be able to blog as often anymore.

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