Friday, October 31, 2008

SE770i : Early Birthday Pressie

I received a Sony Ericsson K770i phone from wifey as an early birthday present.

This will replace the aging K750i workhorse she got for me when we first got married (4 years ago!)

With 3.2megapix CyberShot camera build in, rest assured that the camwhoring/training/racing/incoherent pictures will appear sharper, clearer and more in their glory.

Taken with the K750i 2megapix camera

THANK YOU WIFEY! You know i am excited about the new toy as i only slept at 1.30am this morning playing with all the new features!

I've been swarmed at work, which explained the posting/blogging pattern. But rest assured, once things clear up, i will be back.

I need to blog about:
1. Nadia's baptism.
2. Ryan's ability to talk in sentences.
3. My mum's effort to learn/speak english with Ryan!
4. My dad's health condition.
5. My Milan trip.
6. PowerMan in 2 weeks time.
7. IronMan 2009 travel plan and vision.
8. My SWAT analysis - done by others.

Please bear with me while i get back to work.

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