Monday, October 20, 2008

BRICK + Baking Weekend

Managed to squeeze in a short BRICK workout on Saturday late morning. Ran from home to TBB to collect the Dream.

Managed a good 5:42 ave speed (and had to stop to cross 3 major intersection). I found that my speed improved to a certain extend as i could hold on to 5:00 for at least 2 to 3 km nowadays. That would meant that i should be in a good position to post my best 1mile run timing. Best 1 miler was done in 7min 55 second. That's hardly flattering and i bet that's just below average.

My aim is to shave off 55 seconds, for now.

I reached TBB in one piece, after running along the road with a backpack on (to carry the bike shoe and helmet). It has been sometime since i ran in the late morning/early afternoon and the hot sun shinning down was sort of a change from those early morning dew or late evening humidity.

This next 2 pics is for Barath.

Planet-X Pro Carbon Chrono TT - Size 51

That's my size and that's Barath's size too.

More Carbon that AhBeng's Civic

Got Daniel TBB to qoute Barath the pricing. Seems reasonable for a TT bike and no way anyone will get a full carbon bike at that price (brand new, that is).

So, over to you Barath, i know you are reading this.

After that, i took the Dream back and after those magical touch by Daniel (am not trying to sound gay or to promote his touch), the Dream rides like...a dream. Shifting was positive again, braking was even nicer. Headset that was frozen was smooth as a baby's butt.

The rest of the weekend was spend fairly domesticated at home. I did not attempt to do much as my left foot felt funny. Funny numbness/pain on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th toe. The ball of the foot hurts. I don't recall stepping hard on something protruding on the ground, nor did i slip and fall anywhere.

Walking is a bit painful and i decided that Sunday should be spent resting.

So, in return, me and wifey managed to bake 2 breads and 2 sponge cake.

Getting better

I've been able to get consistently soft and light sponge cake. I've also managed to cut down the preparation time from 20 minutes/cake to about 10 minutes/cake. Add in the baking time, i could churn out one sponge cake every 30 minutes. Not too bad. So, all any of you need to do is to inform me 15 minutes in advance that you are coming over for tea, and the afternoon tea would be served in a flat 15 minutes, no less!

The rest of the weekend was spent partly limping and spending with the family.

And of course, getting that side table for the bedroom for me and wifey.


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