Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Madness

You know, i start to think that weekend are potentially more tiring than weekdays.

Not only you get to sit less (as compared to office), you get to rest less.

Suddenly last weekend seems to be more overwhelming compared to the usual 12 hours or 14 hours at work on the weekday.

As usual, here is my weekend (with friends and family, no less).

The day started at 5am when i woke up for the week's cycling. My Dream is still in TBB, so i had no choice but to bring that evil bike out for a spin. I strip her off her usual legs (ZIPP) and replaced it with the more subtle (Mavic Open Pro) wheels with 9 speed.

I am gonna climb Genting Peres and it will be the first time i am bringing her there for a date.

I am also breaking in the new shoes that wifey got me.

For the first time this year, i started my ride from Batu 14 Ulu Langat and not the usual Batu 18. I am trying to clock extra distance, whichever much i could get. So, hoping that those extra 8 miles to and fro would somehow amount to something.

The ride started 15 minutes late as Abu and Jakull needed to fix their puntured wheels. It was a big big group this time, almost close to 15 people. Along the way, we met Doc Ray, Bernard and Ultra-Yip which were doing Titi, like the rest of the group is doing.

My visa expire at 10.30 and die die i will need to complete the ride by 9.30. So, i could only afford up to Peres' top.

Since i technically will only clock about 53km at most, i decided to push it.

One rider asked how fast i was going. I can't tell him an exact speed as i did not attach my speedometer on the bike. Doc Hisyam is right. When you don't have your meter, the speed and the distance doesn't matters anymore. What is important is to keep hammering the crank and hope the bike will take off.

But it did not (take off), of course.

I finished the 53km ride (my guesstimate - Batu 18-Peres and back is about 40KM and 8miles = 12.8km) in 2 hours flat including rest time with the guys at the top of peres.

I love Peres. But that day, the climb did not give me the burn i was looking for. Maybe the time off from the bike helped to a certain extend i believe.

By 11.30am i was back home.

We baked a batch of muffins and it is turning out better and better each time. At that point, it got us thinking. Baking is not cheap anymore.

A block of butter now cost about RM3.80. What used to be RM2.80 is now a Ringgit more.

Even those premium butter such as SCS which was priced at RM7.50 now cost RM8.60.

We've been stocking up these items whenever it was cheaply available.

Even the flour to make bread increased in price. What used to be RM2.10/kg now cost RM3.20/kg.

Lets not even go into the price of eggs which flauctuate with the KLSE.

Did i mentioned Milo is damn expensive nowadays? What used to be RM22/2kg pack cost easily RM27.50/2kg. Rule of thumb is that if it is about RM25/2kg, don't think, grab it. The deal won't be any better than RM24.99/2kg (round up = RM25).

Heck, Ribena too! How can Ribena cost RM19.99/2liter?

They were a low RM15.99/2liter once!

Anyway...i better stop now before this entry become some domestic grocery entry.

Later that afternoon, wifey told me that we seriously need to go and make another set of curtain for the room. Due to some luck or reasons, the previous curtain we bought tore after one washing. Maybe due to the heavy inter-twined material which sort of separated under heavy load of washing.

So, after dropping the 2 kids with my mum, we headed to Tesco Shah Alam. There is a fabric supplier in the building and we know that is the cheapest place, much cheaper compared to Kamdar.

And while we are at Tesco, there seems to be some evil troll that called us in to shop at the hypermarket.

With 2 kids, we find it inevitable to not check the price of diapers. Lets not go into how many packs we bought, which could last us about 3 months, or more.

And the price of eggs in Tesco is mightly high. RM 9.99 for 30 grade A? Whatever happened to RM7.99????

But despair not, we know that we could get it much cheaper in Carrefour.

And it's on the way back to my parent's house.

So, in goes Carrefour and out comes 2 trays of Grade A (RM8.40/30 eggs) and a couple more diapers...

By then, it was already 9pm and we bought some Pizza for dinner with my parents.

Went back by 10pm, put the kids to sleep and off to bed by 11.30pm.

Sunday started at 5.30am and by 6am, i was at Bukit Aman. Menu for the day would be 15km double hill run with Jabir and Chipang. Chips brought along anohter OP Rugby player (Hello Syukran)!.

While me and Jabir slogged it out with the 15km, Chips and Syu clocked 12km. Not too bad for them since Chips has been inactive since PD Tri mid this year. It was kinda jolt-your-body-out-of-complacent for him.

There were others that were running too. But they were simply too hard core to deal with as they are doing MSD runs.

I managed a 15km run yesterday with Jabir. Pushing him on while getting a good workout myself.

15km in 1:32. Not too bad. Average pace was 6:04.

By 9.30am, i was back at home. Me and wifey then baked one sponge cake, which came out softer than usual.

I then rushed to the post office to renew my roadtax and subsequently, get my fuel rebate. I was waiting for a good 30 minutes and the inevitable happened, the system has to go offline, and i am like the next in line.

Went home, played with the kids (or rahter made to run after Ryan)and brought the family to have lunch at the new fastfood joint (or should i say Food Made Fast...not Fastfood) ie Wendy's.

Ryan knocked his head on the table while trying to wrestle out of his pram chair. he cried himself to slepp. Poor boy.

By 4pm, we made our way to the church for Nadia's baptism rehearsal and that lasted about 2 hours, including travelling time. Good thing is that the actual baptism has been postponed by another week, so i could pirate the Mizuno run this coming 19th.

When we reached home, i went to do some banking. Blessing to be staying in Damansara Utama area is that most of the major banks are all around the corner. That made banking a breeze (but the same can't be said for paying those commitments though).

Wifey made porridge for dinner. It was delicious. By 9pm, Ryan was asking for milk and he was more than ready to say goodnight.

Wifey then told me that it is really rare that we get to rest since we had the kids. Afternoon naps were unheard off and when we are not running after the kids, we are running about cleaning up the mess made by them.

Seriously. It is really really tiring to just be at home. But of course, sights of them doing what they are doing make your day all worth it.

Bliss is sharing a ice cream cone with your son and he feeds you calling you "papa, eat"

Happiness is seeing your daughter is a dirty sleeper, just like yourself

Blessed is when they are with you when you are in office for 14 hours a day

Tired? Worth it la.

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