Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recession Coming : Dealing With It Part II

Continuation of the money saving tips in these trying time.

6. Don't Order Drinks During Meal
All of you would know that even that humble looking chinese tea cost 60sen, a cup of kopi peng cost RM1.60 or more and it's not unusual to be paying RM2.00 for a can drink at the kopitiam.

Skip it. Drinks during meal hampers your digestive system by diluting the acid in the tummy, plus it adds on a few hundred calories to your daily food intake.

And it makes you poorer by at least 60sen.

7. Don't Place Electronics On Standby Mode
Electrical and electronic equipment saps energy even when on standby mode. Just like the phone charger, it could amount to at least those 25% extra on your electricity bills every month.

Don't be lazy, move your butt and switch off the equipment at the plug.

8. Throw Your Electrical Thermos Away
This is one of the biggest culprit in high electricity consumption. No doubt you get hot water on demand and all you need to do is to refill the thermos, but you are also letting this monster consume electricity to re-boil and re-heat the water every time the water dip below a certain temperature threshold!

9. Do Not Rely On Lonely Planet Guidebooks
Believe it or not, this guidebook actually does not help you save. I remember an article about the author did not really go to those places or visited those places and the info he/she got was based on other travellers' experience. Most of the time, we all know these Mat Salleh got conned into thinking that what they got the best deal.

We all know that is not true as these places that was stated in Lonely Planet are most probably overpriced and overhyped joint for Mat Salleh paying what they think is cheap in their currency (for example, paying USD3 for a meal in Bali, convert it over to Ringgit Malaysia, we all know darn well these jokers got conned!)

That's it for today. Wait up for more tips!

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