Monday, October 13, 2008

Recession Coming : Dealing With It

This is to echo my previous posting about spending on groceries. Time are bad, and Malaysians are still in denial.

Here are some tips, which i submitted to Save & Invest dot My.

1. Consider Cycling
If you are staying within 5km radius of the nearest amenities, consider cycling. The one time investment to buy a basic bicycle will cost you maybe 3 tanks of Petrol.

2. Bake Your Own Bread
Simple. Healthy. And fun. A pack of bread flour will let you back 3 units of 1kg bread, and it cost only RM3.20/kg of flour. Nevermind those other stuffs you put in, as you only need yeast (45sen/11gram, good for 2 bread), sugar (you got in the kitchen what...), water (hey, first 20cubic meter is free in Selangor) and an oven (ok, that might be a limiting factor).

But if you got the equipment, seriously, you can stop paying for those mass produced, fat laden bread!

And in return, have healthier lifestyle (and save on medical) This is two tips in one!

3. Charge Your Phone In Office
OK, this one a bit over la. I read somewhere that a plugged in phone charger consume power even if no phone is attached. Save on that and charge your phone in the office. :) You potentially save 25% of electricity (if you have been leaving your charger plugged in and switched on, to start with)

4. Cycle To Your Holiday Destination
What some of my friends does is to jump on the bike and let your leg brings you to where you want to go. The correct term is called "touring". It is a cheap and rewarding way to see the country.

And it potentially will make you famous (if you cycle from US of A back to Malaysia like one chap did).

By the end of the holiday, you can claim that it's not the destination, it's the journey that counts!

5. Quit Smoking
I was a smoker and i used to spend RM4.50/pack (yes, that long ago) and now that i am smoke free, and with the current ciggie price fo RM9/pack, it only make economical sense to quit.

Money saved could be used to invest in a pair of running shoes to get healthy again (and lower your risk of death, which the funeral will be costly too!)

More of these tips has been posted and will be posted (in future)at SaveAndInvest.My

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