Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recession Coming : Dealing With It Part III

Here is Part I
Here is Part II

and here is Part III

10. Eat Your Dinner For Breakfast
Leftovers are not Gameover. More often than not, Malaysian tend to overcook and overeat for dinner, which leads to bad eating habit.

What you can do to reduce any wastage is to keep the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

This way, there will be minimal wastage and you saved at least RM4 for breakfast (apart from having homecooked food, technically).

11. Consider LED Bulbs
LED is the way to go. No, this is not my attempt to change you into an Ah Beng and decorate your house with blinking eye blinding lights like how some of them does to their Rice Cars.

LED typically only consume 1W compared to the normal bulb which takes in minimal of 20W (to be bright enough for you to read without going blind) and it is even more energy efficient than some energy saving bulbs (typically 11W to be bright enough).

They are more expensive to start with, but in the long run, you stand to lose more of your electricity bill and help reduce carbon footprint and save the world!

12. Buy Larger Eggs
Here is a general guideline to egg sizes:

Grade AA = 70 grams and above
Grade A = 65.0 - 69.9 grams
Grade B = 60.0 - 64.9 grams
Grade C = 55.0 - 59.9 grams
Grade D = 50.0 - 54.9 grams
Grade E = 45.0 - 49.9 grams
Grade F = 40.0 - 45.9 grams

And here is a calculation done by a friend of mine in the industry (Thank You Barath Kumar from Kluang!)

" Bigger is more economical, bigger egg will have bigger yolk and bigger(more) egg white. Amount of yolk and white is relative to the egg size/weight.

30 Grade A eggs x Rm0.30 = 9.00 =2.1kg
30 Grade C eggs x rm0.28 = 8.40 = 1.65kg

2.10kg-1.65kg = 0.45kg
450 grams is about 8 eggs of Grade C

So, if u buy 1 tray of grade A eggs, you will get exra of 450grams, thats about extra 8 eggs of grade C. In Rm value, u spend only 60 cents extra, but get RM2.24 cents of eggs."

13. Fuel Saving Devices
Here is my 10sen (used to be 2sen, but since inflation has set in) worth : Don't believe any of them fuel saving devices!

If it too good to be true (like saving up to 30% of fuel), they are just too good to be true!

Save your money and use it to get better engine oil that will definately save you fuel and lower your car maintaince in the longer run!

For more of these tips (200 and counting), please go to SaveAndInvest.My!

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