Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Out With The Old, In With The New

I almost thought that my wife meant that she will replace me with someone better for IronMan 2009 next year...and the words and pictures on the photoframe almost made me believe that she is in that process.

But the photo and words has an another box that comes with it.

And inside the box, was this.


I wasn't dreaming.

So, when wifey say out with the old, she really meant out with the old cycling shoe...the one which i spent one whole tube of rubber glue to stick the gaping mouth, sent to cobbler to replace the heel pad, used electrical tape to hold during races...

And apparently, wifey found someone to conspire with...

Someone that told me "basikal beribu, kasut cikai".

Thank you Wifey. It has been a good 4 years since we signed on the dotted line. Here is to many more years to come in the future.

I love you!





Happy 4th Anniversary Darling!

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