Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morning Run Is Back

One for the boys. Shazly, Zafrul and me ran this morning at 5.45am at the usual Damansara Heights route.

This route has a balance mix of flats and hills. Four Hills to be exact. First one you will encounter is from Manulife to SK Damansara, a good 600m uphill on gradient of about 10 degree. Next one is after SK Damansara Heights up till the traffic crossroad, anohter 800m uphill on gradient of 15 degree. Then it's flat all the way along Hartamas highway towards Sprint before one big climb from Esso Damansara to the Jalan Batai's crossroad, a good 650m uphill on 18 degree gradient. Last hill would be from the middle of the second hill back up to SK Damansara, a last good 300m uphill on a gentle 8 degree slope.

Total distance will not be less than 11km.

This morning, we finished the run in 1:10:32. Average speed of 6:30. We started slowly and ended up running at speed of 5:15 or less the final 5 km.

Clear sign that training has started and everyone meant business.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Who won't when the CEO of Tune Money is with you and one bad ass trainer is hounding you from behind?

A good run nevertheless, not my best timing over this route, but it could only get better.

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