Monday, January 05, 2009

Citibank Shell Credit Cards

Time are tough. A lot of my friends are already telling me they are downsizing their vehicles or starting to drive their smaller less fuel consuming cars.

Despite petrol pricing being revised every 2 weeks (as it is now, RM1.80/liters for Premium and RM2.10 for Ultra Premium V-Power), there is no assurances that the price will stay as such.

With the current economic downturn and moving towards recession (though our leader are still in denial) and some say depression, every little bit helps.

Citibank has recently launched their new line of Credit Cards with affliation with Shell.

What is so special about this card? It's just another any ordinary credit card that you will still need to pay at the end of the month, right? Perhaps you are right, but This Citibank - Shell Credit Card gives you fuel rebates.

It will offer up to 2.5% rebate when fueling up at Shell Stations and 0.75% at other station. For new card member, the rebate goes up to 5% for Shell and 1.5% for other brand of fuel for the first 30 days!

Lets take on average you fuel up once a week with RM80 worth of petrol, that would meant you will be saving at a minimum of 60 sen and up to RM2/visit everytime you fuel up and that would work out to a minimum of RM2.40 and up to RM8 savings per month.

That is like getting a minimum of 1.3liters worth of petrol FOC per month, which on the average should power you enough to drive from Hartamas to 1 Utama for your monthly shopping. Think about the amount you will save if you pump Shell!

If it wasn't enough that Shell with it's "Go further" formula that will help you to save petrol and increase your mileage, Citibank is also offering a set of GPS at a song.

What used to be selling at RM1299 is going for RM399.

I'm a loyal user of GPS and i can tell you no way you can get one unit of big screen GPS at that price. At RM400, you can get the Garmin Forerunner, which is only useful if you decide to RUN/BIKE. It's a wrist unit and i don't think you want to be squinting your eyes looking at your wrist WHILE driving!

With the GPS, you could better plan your journey and this would also translate to better fuel savings too!

On top of all the above, Citibank is also giving a RM50 fuel rebate upon application approval!

So, if the above is enough to entice you, click here to apply : Give Me Citibank Shell Credit Cards

Offer expires 28th February 2009, so be quick!

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