Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY Holiday Break Updates

Been busy, here is some updates for you all.

CNY EVE : HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: NADIA STARTED TO CRAWL! (video to be uploaded separately next week)

1. First day CNY - Melaka to the century old temple for some praying and blessing. Whole family was out, first trip for Nadia and Ryan with my parents out of town.

2. Second day CNY - open house and was attended by the usual suspect. Made whole loads of Muffins but wasn't well received due to the other more delicious (and not cooked by the family) food available.

3. Third day CNY - visiting as usual. IQBAL BECOME FATHER AGAIN - BABY Girl NADINE RANIA came to the world! Congrats Iqbal and Lenny!

4. Fourth day CNY - Visited Iqbal and Lenny and Baby Nadine. Dinner later with sis future in law.

5. Fifth Day CNY (ie today) - not sure yet. :P

I've been clocking in everyday for 2 hours in office to clear off emails and attend to work. Not very very holiday eh?

IM is now 28 days more. Preparation? i'm just hoping to finish this year's race in 17hours with the amount of prep i put in.

Tomorrow will be Broga classic with Barath. Sunday a short run with him.

this is like some last minute exam prep la...

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