Monday, January 05, 2009

Sunday Secret Training

Did a mediocore 16.84km run yesterday. Started from home, ran towards TTDI/Dato' Sulaiman - Pencala Link Tunnel - Hartamas - RSC - Eastin - Sect 17 - NKVE - U-turn at DU/DJ flyover - Home.

Ran alone on those lonely highway. As usual, woke up late, wanted to start at 5.30am, but only manged to do so at 6.30am. Been trying to recover/get back into my sleeping rhythm.

With only less than 60 days to IronMan 2009, i've never been so relaxed or lacksadaisical in my approach to this major race in my life.

I call it a secret training because i am trying to find out where my legs are hiding secretly - i lost my running legs, remember?

Yesterday was no difference. First 10km was great, i did a 55 minutes. Infact my pace was so constant the only big dip was because i stopped at the Uptown/SS2 junction to cross the already busy road.

Was i happy with yesterday's run?

I guess i am, as i get to clock some mileage, no matter how shitty/unsatisfactory it seems.

Whatever happened to "fly like a bee and train like a horse"?

*you see, bees aren't built to fly and horses aren't trained to race*

Come what may, IronMan 2009 will definately be a race to the finish - all by myself and all 17 hours of it.

And just this morning, my whole entire left leg, from the thighs to the tip of my toe, were numb. Needles and pins sensation, and i wasn't even sleeping on my left side or has something sitting/bearing down weight on.

It was really freaky when i realised the whole leg did not want to move first thing when i woke up.

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