Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photog Service for IronMan Langkawi 2009

Two friends of mine has recently proposed that they take pics of anyone interested and immortalised the pics into a A4 photobook.



Having just went through a photo session with Covershot at RM280 for 11 5R pics in a B5 sized hardcover photobook, i would say what Shazly and Jim is offering at RM450 that includes an A4 hardcover of 20 pages a bargain.


Yes, that's RM450 for whatever pics they could get of you during IronMan Langkawi 2009, fit into a 20 pages hardcover photobook to immortalised the whole race.

Now, compare that to RM150 for some 4R sized photos (usually a minimum of 4 pieces, max of 7, depending on your luck) taken by the official photographers that are badly composed (with you in the background, and not the subject, so you are potentially sharing the pic with at least 2 other IM, if you know who the other chaps are, then it is ok, if not, what's the point?)

If you are doing IM for the first time.

Or the second time.

Or the 16th time, i guess RM450 is a very very reasonable price to part with to capture the moment.

SK and Jim will have a couple more photog helping out at various point of the race. They will be there the full 17hours of the race. They will even be snapping away way before and way after the race for more dramatic effect.

if any of you IronMan and IronMan hopeful that want to engage their service, please drop a comment in this posting below and i will forward this to the both of them.

Bear in mind, i get nothing in return from this, i will be paying the full prize for this.

My motivation is that last year's IM, i had nothing really great to remember by. I don't even have a finishing pic!

So, learn from my mistake. RM450 is really nothing compared to the whole year preparation you put yourself through to compete in this gruesome 17 hours race!

Hurry, as i was made to understand they will limit this to a certain number so that the shots will be held in utmost quality.

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