Monday, January 19, 2009

Pirated GE 30K Run

Started my run from the opposite direction.

Hartamas - Bukit Aman.

Took the usual Bukit Tunku route and did not know that the run took the runners through the double hills.

Saw majority of the runners near Bank Negara and U turned after i saw what was most probably the last runner out of Lake Garden.

Bumped into Mac, Levin, Doc M, Shazly, Chief Kutu, Jabir, Yusran, Senn and my colleauge Ying!

I did not manage to stop and chat with a numbers of them as i was chasing my own cut off time as well (9am - to go back and help wifey with kids)

I started the run at about 0545, hoping to catch everyone on the run towards Hartamas or bump into them as they U turn near Petronas.

I completed my 22.95km of run in 2:19. Then, i double back along the Hartamas route towards Matrade to accompany a few others and to cheer them on.

I would had covered enough distance and hill work running up and down the road infront of Plaza Damas.

I only managed to take Senn and my colleague's pic.

FYI, Ying, my colleague, is from China and she works in the office in US of A. She is on 3 months work placement in the KL office and this is her longest running distance ever. She has not ran any distance further than 10km previously and she wrongly signed up for 30K. She intended to do 20K only.



I had a good workout. Yesterday's run was more than my usual run. I did my intended distance of 20odd km, and put in some leisure run to soak in the GE30K excitement.

To all that clocked good timing and completed the distance, well done!

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