Monday, January 19, 2009

Neighbourly Love.

Had some neighbourly dispute last Friday.

My mum in law's car were vandalised and damaged by a neighbour.

Received a call from my wife that a neighbour that stays opposite at the corner house damaged the car's side mirror just becuse we parked on the roadside, infront of his house.

Not only is this neighbour (i will lovingly call him Chao Ah Beng - thin long hair tattoo guy) with 2 young daughters damaged the car and was caught red-handed by my visiting Sister In Law, he had the cheek to walk up right at my SIL's face and shouted profanities at her.

And he was shorter than my 5'5" tall SIL.

I supposed this Chao Ah Beng is well educated as he could afford a Merc CLK, Estima 2004 and a Honda Jazz. He also have a Bar Council emblem on his CLK's number plate. But i can't understand how someone this well educated is so - uncivilised!

To equate him to uneducated ah beng is not doing justice to those uneducated ah beng that i grew up with and that i know and come across.

I rushed home after i received the call to confront this Chao Ah Beng. But unfortunately, he had sped off in his CLK before i could reach home (i think i might had created a PB for 800m).

I rang the doorbell but no one answered the door.

So, i went home, wrote a note and demanded the Chao Ah Beng to call me.

I was furious.

But as expected, for someone like that Chao Ah Beng to bully an old lady and my sister in law, he would not have any balls to call me to talk to me.

Infact, wifey had a word with his wife much later in the evening and apparently, Chao Ah Beng's wife knew about it!

Chao Ah Beng most probably told his wife what happened.

Luckily, the wife is more understanding and are more reasonable.

She apologized, but not without trying to defend her husband.

Do tell me. Is parking on the roadside, outside someone's house, is encroaching someone's property?

Well, Chao Ah Beng's anger was because he almost ran into the car when he was coming home and that my mother in law's car was in the middle of the road in his property. Keep in mind, this Chao Ah Beng rev his car the moment it leaves his front gate and drive fast in residential road. I was once cut off on the road by him near Eastin - and he was only back 2 minutes before me (by the time i reached my house, his front gate just closes). Infact, some neighbours is in agreement with me that he drives fast unnessasarily.

Look, just because it's outside your house, it is not your property, the road is under MBPJ's jurisdiction.

Up until today, this Chao Ah Beng has no guts to call me.

He bumped into me yesterday but went into his house when i stared at him.


Those tattoos on his arms must be stick on.

Those hairs must be pampered in saloon.

And those puny arms are not bigger than my wrist.

And if you are reading this, you Chao Ah Beng.

CONFRONT ME. Not hide under your wife's armpit.

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