Thursday, January 08, 2009

Post Graduate Education Fair 2009

If you are just like me, having only a degree and looking forward to obtain or planning to do a postgrad degree, the coming Post Graduate Education Fair might just hold the answer and offer some opportunities for course placements.

Last year's Post Graduate Education Fair was a success judging from the crowd of people that attended the fair.

Since it's inception in year 2002, the fair has seen a massive growth in visitors looking for potential placement in some local and overseas universities. The number grew steadily from 36,000 visitors in 2002 to 116,000 visitors in 2008.

The sheer numbers of visitors themselves would says volume about the popularity of the fair and how we Malaysians are looking ways to improve our own academic capabilities.

While some would see postgrad degree as a way to satisfy their hunger for self improvement, many view a postgrad degree as a way to move up in their work and corporate ladder.

It is a fact that people holding a postgrad degree will command better pay compared to people with just a degree. This is of course putting experience and other external factors to be equal.

The fair will not only exposed the visitors with multitude of postgrad studies offered, but will also offer many ways of financing for the program themselves. While some people were fortunate enough to be able to save up for this, a lot of other working adults would find it difficult to finance them.

There is a lot of "degree mills" out there that could churn out postgrad degrees at a fraction of the cost and the last thing you ever wanted is to find out that the hard earned postgrad degree is worth nothing as it is not accrediated or approved by the respective country that you are trying to get employment from. Rest assured that PGEF only admits the institution that has been accrediated and approved and this will offer a good peace of mind.

As for me, it has been a lifelong wish to do a Master degree. I am at the crossroad now and considering either to pursue a technical degree or stick to the fail-proof MBA.

It is a hard choice for me, having a family and with limited resources to pursue this dream. However, i will try to make it to this fair, just to keep my options open.

I believe most of you thinking of going down this path, should visit too, never know, we just might end up as course mates!

So, mark down on your Calender, it's 18th till 19th January at Midvalley Exhibition Centre!

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