Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Neighbourly Love - Duex

Chao Ah Beng put up a signboard outside his house warning everyone not to park at this spot.

For your info, the flower bed above were constructed by him to further deter neighbours from putting their cars infront of Chao Ah Beng's house.

I waited for him to come back yesterday and he did not do so until past midnight.

I really wonder what man don't need to go to work in the day time, and then dissappear before the wife return from work and comes back after everyone sleep.

He might be a DVD seller. Perhaps even a taikor. Maybe an Ah Long.

If he is one of the above, he surely is one hell of a balless DVD seller/Taikor/Ah Long.

No one put a butterfly sticker than look like a tattoo behind a nice white ESTIMA!

Damn Kaw Ah Beng, and a smelly one at that!

I've been getting some suggestion to get him to come talk to me, short of creating blood bath, i am considering a few options.

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