Sunday, August 15, 2010

10km Easy Run with Wifey

My iron level is on it's way back up again. I can feel it in my blood. Last week, i ran 15km without the heart threatening to jump out of my body (blood iron deficiency, supply can't cope with muscle oxygen demand).

Today, i brought wifey to what i call a "flat" route. She told me not to let her run some hilly route and the only hilly route i know off is of Kiara. So, for good luck and in case she say i bully her, i brought her to Hartamas.

Plan was to run from Petronas Hartamas towards Maltrade via National Archive/Income Tax Dept. I reckon it will be a good 10km, so around there.

So, we started the run at about 6pm. With a lot of people fasting and concentrating of buying food at the Ramadhan Bazaar, the road was pretty empty. Plus, it rained earlier and it was a cool nice temperature.

We took the inner road towards Plaza Damas, effectively making us climb one small incline. Then, it was another shorter climb infront of Damas before rolling downhill towards Segambut. Then it was a short and sharp run up KL Mosque, before turning off at National Archive and yet, one more climb. Ran around the government block before a nice slope and turning right towards Maltrade.

At Maltrade, there is two smaller climb, which i struggled last week. This week, it did not bother me a single bit and seriously, i thought it was a flat.

Up towards the new shopping place and turning back towards Hartamas, with one big climb up towards Damas again.

I got scolded twice by wifey for bluffing her with "flat". I told her, after this, everything else will be pretty flat.

Maybe i should bring her to the morning run routine i used to do up Bukit Damansara...that, i would not flat. :D

Whatever it is, 10km in 1:20 and 7,800 steps later...we headed home with wifey begging for this route again next week.

Told you Pain is Pleasure.

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