Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project 365 : Day 83 of 365

An ex-colleague i was working with today asked me one pertinent question when i told him i've not went to a temple and pray for a long time. He thought i was a Christian. Well, i married a Catholic girl but that did not make me any more Christian than the next person that goes to church. To me, religion is just religion. It all teaches good. So, regardless of what religion you, you and you believes in, for as long as we are all at ease with our action and are ready to face our own creator when the day comes, that is the most important. Going to the church every Saturday or Sunday, praying in the temple every other day, going through the ritual 5-times a day doesn't make us any closer to God if our intention of executing the prayer are not sincere. Many a times, we all only remember God when we need help. It is nice to remember Mr. Big Boss all the time too, sometimes. :)
Tools: D90+18-55VR. ISO3200. F5. 1/25 Monochrome.

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