Sunday, August 01, 2010

Project 365 : Day 66 of 365

These books reminds me of my childhood. It was circa 1989 when my parents bought me and my sisters these collection of encyclopedia and learning books. I recalled my mum saying that each month my dad need to pay about RM120 for the next 18months as part of the then easy payment package. I know many my age or around my age would know these books. I learnt a lot from them. Basic stuffs that kept my mind open and made me want to learn more. As a parent myself, i see wifey buying a lot of books too for the two kids. But i feel they are too young to comprehend them and if i assume along the same logic where "people typically do not appreciate what they have and always take them for granted" theory, my kids stand a very good chance not to appreciate these later in life if they were to recieve these. I have always known how much my dad has to sacrifice for the family, and these books are there at their home to remind me and my sisters just that; plus they are a boy to read nonetheless!
Tools: iPhone 3Gs.


  1. OMG.. I have this encyclopedia set! Whats left of it anyway.

  2. Izso - is it still in good condition?