Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 365 : Day 84 of 365

7th Lunar Month
To the Malaysian Chinese, it is the ghost month. This is when the gate of hell is opened for a full 14 days for all soul to roam the streets. Many operas are set up to "entertain" the souls. Many offers food on the roadside for them. For the superstitious, this is not the month to go out at night. For the believers, it is one way of showing compassion to those that has left the world without family. For me, being brought up in a colorful "modified" malaysian hokkien chinese tradition, i have to adhere to certain rules. They say when you hear dogs barking during this month at midnight, there are "visitors" roaming around. This much contradicts to the Muslim that is observing Ramadhan, where the devils and evil are all locked up. Well, at the very least, can blame these lost chinese soul that influence those that did not fast ;-)
Tools: D90+18-55VR. ISO3200. F8. 1/20

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