Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wifey 12KM Run

12km in 75Minutes. TTDI Park - Pencala Link - Hartamas - Back to TTDI.

Along the way, some unpleasant thing happened. I hope these kids will grow up and be more matured and realised that we are all just visitors in this world and life. Our politicians need to work way harder to realise the spirit of 1Malaysia. 53years of Independence and we still have kids like these. (Postnotes : I forgot, i happen to know a 38 years old that is also an inbred-retarded racist)
Anyway, it was a good run. Wifey clocked 61mins for her 10km. the last 2km was a slow and steady warm down which i think she deserves.

1 more month to the Newton 25km run and i guess training will pick up it's pace.

We've also decided to spend a bit and retire the Nike+ system and got ourselves a pair of Polar RS300X SD from RunnerzCircle. Heartrate and footpod all in. For best price, visit RunnerzCircle and ask for my friend Frank Chong. It is a one-man show shop and i am all for the support of people that is hard working and earning a honest living. :)
We got it in bright orange, no less.

Today's run was a good one. Not only i felt alright, i know my heart rate was just hovering at 110bpm at all time. I wasn't even tired and from the pace i was doing, i know i would be doing a 5:00 and kautim the 12km in an hour.

But that wasn't the intention, as i am still ensuring my iron level stabilise and continue to increase. But like any arrogant sportsperson thinking they are superman, i was very tempted to push it further. Have to control.

Wifey decided to do a 42km next year. I am proud that she wants to take this path. I am even happier that she is committed to this and the best i could do is to train with her and keep moving forward with her.

Way to go Wifey! Next weekend we do 15km?

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