Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Project 365: Day 69 of 365

Fall In
I was attending a training course to be certified as a "Green Card" holder and i saw these water bottles lined up on one corner. They were placed on the table so orderly it actually intrigued me. One would thought that they will just leave these on the table for everyone to take, but this one, it was properly lined up in rows and columns. I was having a conversation with my mum about maid, about how my sister has a maid and about how one of my very rich auntie is now without a maid. How we are treating the maid and how my auntie is even limiting what the maid was eating. For me, if people can't live with another stranger in the home, then, don't hire one. They are also human. They also deserves respect. Remember, those of you with maids, those cloths, plates, floor, bottles and cups was not there magically.
Tools: D40+351.8. ISO1600. F1.8. 1/40

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