Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project 365 : Day 87 of 365

Keep Moving Forward
A friend spoke to me separately and asked how are certain things happening and if i still cared about it. To be frank, i no longer give two hoot about it because of how it has become. Just like Politics, people are in there for their own benefits, seldom the other people they perceived to be fighting for. And just like in any societies too, the same applies. Best is that the people with common interest stay together and just do what they want - forming any sort of "alliance" will only make things sour when people start fighting for power. Enough that these are kept in the office. On Moving forward too, which is my buddy, Shazly's favourite qoute (and his blog title), i am submitting at least 34 photos i've taken since i got my dSLR in April 2009. They are all going into the company's just launched photography contest and it was interesting for myself as i see just how i evolved over the past 16 months with a Nikon D90. My photo tweaking skills, however, still below average, so most photos relies on composition and "telling a story". At this point of time, i am a "man with a camera", not a "photographer". Best i stick to my day job for now.
Tools: Nikon D90+18-55VR. ISO200. F21. 1/30. Blur motion achieved by "zooming in" as i press shutter, no post processing involved for the "motion-like" effect.

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