Sunday, August 08, 2010

15km Reality Check Run

Met up with Jabir this morning at 6am for a run. I was quite apprehensive but i know i will feel ok today. The initial plan was to run 20km, but at KM5, I decided to just call it off at 15km. We went around Duta Solaris and back via Bukit Tunku aka Double Hill route, cut into the slip road to National Monument aka Tugu Negara and finishing on a downhill roll in 1:55.

I used to run this route and was never ever bothered by any sort of inclines. There are a few that took my breathe away - the very same one i regarded as "flat" when i was way fitter.

With my iron level showing good improvement and retention, the only thing holding back is the fitness level. I hope the iron level keep increasing and i hope my fitness return back to at least 90% by next month.

Jabir - thanks for the run. I needed it. Like your Reality Check Run about two years back, i believe i had mine today. I will keep moving forward and hope to be back at my peak.

Today i am 81.5kg with 15.3% fat. I will drop the numbers down and increase the muscle mass by September end. Don't wait up you all, i am coming back.


  1. great exercise ! eat up and eat well for your iron level. Its an inspiration for mere mortals to read your running blog.

  2. What abt nite run this coming Ramadan. I still need exercise.

  3. Pentilium - thanks you. Eating very well and now struggling to get enough rest.

    Kam - was talking to Jabir...lets do an illegal night run up that place ;-)

  4. Lets do it man,run to the clouds...