Monday, August 02, 2010

Project 365 : Day 67 of 365

I saw this laborer wearing a worn out sandal today. He was lining up to pay for two packets of instant noodles. His body covered in what looked like paint. His dark skin looked sunburnt despite the shades. Scruffy looking and tiredness in his eyes. Must be pay day and he is stocking up on food for the next couple of days. I then looked at my feet, a pair of RM149 rubbery chic sandal envelope my ten heels. I felt really guilty. My mind says i should offer to pay for his purchase, or get him more. But all i could muster to myself was silence. You never know how lucky you are until you look around you, and see how a lot of people has to toil and put their sweat, tears and blood just to be able to afford a sandal that will last until his heels felt the pavement, or to afford 10 packets of instant noodles just to lace the hungry tummy.
Tools : iPhone 3Gs


  1. Thanks for the reminder! Indeed when we get caught up with the day to day stuff we forget how fortunate we are.
    And sometimes we wanna help but are afraid of offending them as well!

  2. Paul - that explained my silence. I do not want to appear patronizing. SOmetimes, i wish, really wish, i could just help.

  3. Ah, this is a sad read. Scenes such as these remind us of just how lucky we are in life, that our regular daily complaints about traffic jams, seemingly low monthly wage and stuck up bosses aren't even close to the plights of the needy.

  4. our very own govt's stats shows that more than a third of Malaysian workers earn less than RM 720 per month.

    That's a scary thought, aint it?

  5. Izhar - that is MALAYSIANS. I wonder how much these immigrants even earn!

    I know some petrol stations out of town pays RM10/day for immigrant as labor!