Sunday, August 01, 2010

Shape & Men's Health Run 2010

What a run. After last weekend's emotional rollercoaster, yesterday's night 12.3km run was certainly a way to mark me coming back and learning to take things easy.

People do this run for one main reason - the goodies bag. And make no mistakes that myself and wifey did it also for the same reason. In fact, i think this echoed amongst the 5000 participants yesterday night.

Myself and wifey arrived at Putrajaya at about 715pm and the first person i saw was also the first time i saw the person in real life. Hello Paul Lee!
Then, met up with the rest of the gang that took part in this race. Arif, Bahri and even a nice lady by the name of Farisa that has been following my blog. Thank you! You make me blush (and i know wifey must had thought i so wannabe celebrity blogger!)

There was some warm-up session that was conducted by some fitness instructors which got the whole crowd moving. I was also told (and missed) friends performing on the pole (as in pole dancing!). Should had come earlier!
The race started off at 810pm and i paced slowly with wifey. From the start, she looked like she will in trouble. Past two days of minimal sleep because Nadia has ulcer and sorethroat has kept her awake. We both sleep a combined total of 6hours or less yesterday morning (and here i am, at 530am, blogging...).
Putrajaya is humid and within 10minutes or less than 2km of running, i was already drenched. Suprisingly, i was feeling really fine and doesn't seems to have any symptom of racing heartrate. The iron supplement must had worked. I just hope it stays this way and here to stay. I need my blood iron badly. Doing endurance sports san inadequate blood iron level is ( i would not say suicidal) hard. Difficult.
As i was in no rush to finish the race, i decided to take it easy though i know i can do a sub-1hour for this. I can feel it. Now, before i start to get more arrogant, i was actually lectured by Shazly for racing. I found myself qualifying that "i took things easy".
I saw many familiar faces and new friends that i made during Siemens run two weeks ago. In fact, i had Freda Liu runner up to me and said "I am inspired by you". She attended the running class that i conducted and it is certainly very very nice to hear words such as these. I feel like i've given back something to the Tri-ing community. :)
With my condition to be good yesterday, i felt more alert and was very concious about everything and everyone around me. I managed to offer water to a few person as i always run with a bottle. It can get lonely running distance and more friends never hurt. I wish these people to continue doing all they are doing now for as long as they could. It is a healthy lifestyle which really can change the country if everyone does it.
Along the 12.3km route, i actually stopped, crossed the road and took a few photo with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2 (my camera of choice when it gets wet and dirty). Here are some shots, some ok, some not too good and some i have no idea why i took it. :)
In short, we had fun. Loads of it. I know wifey was pushing herself and i keep close to her. Very important i feel that we should support each other, especially so that we both just signed up for Powerman race to take part in the Relay this coming November. We both still has the Newton Run 25km in September then the Kinabalu run up the sky in October and what better way to end the racing calendar by doing Powerman?
In fact, i am thinking about the family jersey. E.A.R.N. is the acronym of all our names. You can guess it, myself, Ee-Van, Wifey's Aileen, Son's Ryan and Daughter's Nadia.
Myself and wifey again, ran together to the finish line, hand in hand and even stopped 20m to the line to snap one last pic with Nizz.
1:44 was our time. It is not fast, but it was enough for me and wifey to know each other's limit physically in races.
If my blood iron continue to improve, i am contemplating Desaru Long Distance Tri. Should i?


  1. Lovely moment u have spent the same sport with your wifey is the most happier things in life :)

  2. Eh, if u have the guts to attempt Climbathon, why not Desaru leh? Nice meeting u guys last night. Nak try pakai skirt? hehe.

  3. Lifesaver - always. Together forever:)

    KA - back to back too close and my blood iron level fluactuates and changes like the weather in KL. got to be realistic if i want to race until 70 years old bro.

  4. Nice write up on the freed bro. So can fit bikes and family lar?

  5. Unka : NOla unfortunately. If bike goes in, it's a 2 seater and all seats need to be removed!

  6. hey, what an honour to have been mentioned in one of my favourite blogs :P.....lovely to have met you and Aileen at the's always fantastic to meet another running mummy with young kids :) ....warmest regards from your celebrity blogger stalker! farisa/gg

  7. GG - i am everything but celeb and as usual, thank you very much for looking at my humble online abode!