Friday, April 13, 2012

From 85kg to 67kg

After doing the posting on the visual body fat entry on Wednesday, i thought i should try to see if much has changed physically on myself going from 85kg to 67kg.
Here is a visual comparison.
At my 85kg weight (July 2011), i recorded about 25% body fat and i look like this, or something like this.
credit to Jason Hue for the wonderful graphic. :D
In fact, the above pic was being too kind for me, here, you can see i have more flesh and bulk.
And i don't have my cheekbone. An XL tshirt fits me just fine.
Then came Christmas, where i was already eating healthily and recovering from that bout of period that i want to forget. 75kg, 18% fat and having sharper features. Fits into a M size shirt.

Two months down the road, feeling happier with a new venture, gotten into groove with the whole healthy living and making it part of my lifestyle, taken during Chinese New Year, at 72kg, 15% fat. What used to be a L-sized t-shirt hangs over me now like it is XL.
With wifey, that has lost almost 10kg at that point of time too.
Many that did not see me for a few months could not recognise me when they see me again. Even friends like Tey, usually sharp eye, could not make out who I was. Perhaps it was the hairstyle which i now adopt. This was taken during Brooks 21KM run, weighing in at 70kg, 11% body fat.
Some that know me for a long time say i looked haggard and under-nourish. My mum got worried and even went to the temple thinking i was possessed or has a spell cast over me. I don't blame her. And this was taken last week, at 67kg, 9% body fat.
I went from 25% body fat to 9% body fat, which translate to 21.25kg of fat to 6.03kg of fat. A whooping 15.22kg of fat that i burned from the 18kg of total weight loss. I lost 3kg of muscle mass, which is collateral due to my running and training. Never once i starved myself. I stick to my 1580kcal BMR which has taught me to portion food and recognise potential overly processed food with hidden calories.
I went from 36inches to 34inches. My tailored pants has to be altered from 34inches soon to the current 31inches. And the just altered pants by wifey is loose, because that is the absolute minimal it can be altered before the pants look funny (G2000 pants, bought at 34, went to 32, and loose still)
You know you are there when a jeans you never wore for the past 12 years suddenly fits you better than when you first bought them.
Levis orange Tab. Size 33. Loose now.
I reduced my sugar consumption, which has put my mum in dilemma whenever she make Chinese dessert - as a spoonful more sugar makes my taste bud haywire. Processed food are at minimal. I last had a Teh Tarik almost 6 months ago. My coffee are all black - just hot water and coffee powder.
I became an advocate of healthy living and eating in the family. Often influencing those around me to think about what they eat everyday - not for vanity reasons, but for health reasons.
In the process, i might had pissed a few people off, for i often spoil that cup of delicious looking dessert before them. I apologise for over sharing.
The take home message here is that if I can do it, so can many of you out there reading this and trying to lose weight for vanity or health reason. Whatever that is, do it for yourself and those around you. It's the weekend. There are 48hours now for you to think if you want to transform, i am as average as you to start with.
Change. Because You Can.


  1. memang tak kenal if i see u again and not see your pictures beforehand! drastic changes .. congrats, now its my turn. u have inspired me to lose all the pounds that i gained while "invalid" lol .. but hey you should keep it at this weigh, if you lose anymore, like i said tak macho and will be too thin lah!

  2. Awesome transformation! 67 is just right for u!

  3. Kak J - finding the sweet spot for sports too. Too light, you will lose out on the "momemtum". I believe i should pack on to 68kg or 69kg, adding on muscle mass.

    Francis - :) Perhaps, run faster, but longer distance, kantoi a bit. :D

  4. you are so handsome! :)

  5. Looking good bro! Me on the hand opposite. From 10% body fat at 61.5 to about 18% at 67 now. ROFL. You story is inspirational. To borrow from President Obama's campaign, Change! Yes we can!

  6. Anon - LOL. I sure hope so.

    Unka Leong - You are still fast bro. even at 18% are still fast. :D

  7. dude, how can this be? i weigh heavier than you now...the world is upside down, white is black...nothing make sense anymore... hahahaha

  8. Happy Friday Nasrun! :D yeap, it's Afternoon here and it's early morning there, indeed, upside down!

  9. i was already working on eating healthy when i found your healthy eating series - it was a big help! So glad to see your amazing transformation - yes, a little more muscle will be just great on your frame. I have slowly gone down from 72 kilos to 66 n am still working on it. slow n steady is the name of the game for a 52 yo lady like me :-) thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Kate - 72 to 66 is good stuff. Keep it on and i am happy my sharing helped you.

    Nothing rewards better than knowing what you shared helped others!

    I will need to bulk up and that will involve some weight!

  11. You're a lean mean running machine!!!

  12. Grace - i nt to bulk up next. :) So i become Bulk-lean- Swim-Bike-Run Machine.

  13. I dunno how you manage to eat so healthy :( I feel like I am missing out on life by not eating rice/eating healthy all the time. Healthy foods never satisfy me and they don't always taste good. This post is soooo inspiring!! You must be a very determined individual with strong willpower.

  14. Wow, very inspiring. I had several failed attempts, but still trying to get the result. Hope to see some result bf Raya.

  15. Anon 1: Eating healthy is a choice, not an obligation. When you make the choice to eat clean, it become easy. We human are all creature of habit and comfort, we want our coffee every morning or the late midnight snack before we can sleep. For me, it is really for health. Passing of a few friends prematurely due to health (i.e. bad eating habit accumulated to blockage of arteries, heart atack, stroke,) drives me further to be what i am today. Thanks for dropping by!

    Anon 2: Often, we fail because we give excuses to ourselves. We need to stay focused. It is how badly you want the change. Keep moving forward and do it better.

  16. There was a correction in the post, thanks to Volleyball supply that points it out:

    Body fat measurements will vary depending on what (method be it caliper, bi-electrical, DXA)) and how (whether the measurements are taken correctly) you do it.

    thanks for pointing out!