Friday, August 03, 2007

17KM - SLOW!!!

Not entirely sure why i did not want to carry any water for the run yesterday.

But that was the biggest regret. I struggled through the last 8KM of the run.

I started the run from the office, headed towards home using the bigger loop around Damasnara Perdana Business Centre and turning back once i reached home. Clocked about 1.5km using this route. Ran at pretty good pace and covered the first 5km in the usual timing of 28minutes.

It was a hot dry windy day. Was really enjoyable as the past week has been rahter gloomy with rains coming either early morning or mid afternoon, destroying all hopes of doing any runs. Yesterday was a welcome change.

But i should had brought along the water.

The sun was shining warmly at 2pm. After 45minutes, i was running under the shades of Kiara, with only the monkeys and one lonesome uncle which i see everytime i does this route running the hills.

We did not exchange any pleasantries. Maybe he sees me as his biggest competitors. I swore he speed up when we cross path.

There was water trickling down from the hills at Kiara, someone stucka 2.5inch PVC pipe over a makeshift dam, which has water trickling down. I was tempted to drink from there, but i was worried i might get sick if i do so.

As i exited Kiara and headed past Taman Tun Lembah Kiara Park, it was already 75 minutes of running. I know this will be a panfully slow run back home. Already thoughts of me urinating blood came into my mind. I tried to swallow as much of my own sweat as possible. It was really salty, i'm on the verge of dehydration.

The sweat that trickled into my eyes stings them to heaven high.It felt as if someone splashed a bucket of saturated salt solution into my face. With the sun ray and my small slitty eyes, i appear to be running with my eyes closed - and my mouth wide opened.


I was tempted to ask the lady watering her plant (along Jalan Datuk Sulaiman) if she could spare me a cup of cold water, but i did not. I fear she might run into her home and scares her that she won't come out of the house again.

I was drenched with my sweat, arms was slippery and sticky due to the salt accumulated on the surface.

My mouth was still wide opened.

It wasn't enjoyable.

It felt like shit.

I pulled myself together, telling my sorry mind that it is mind over matters. As long as i don't mind it, it won't matter. But already, i feel my steps are getting smaller. My heartrate falling lower, showing that while my heart is at a very very easy pace, my legs wasn't. I can't push.

I wanted to push. But i can't.

I wanted the run to finish like within the next 5 minutes.

But i was a good 3km away from the Office.

How time slowed down and distance grew further when you are not enjoying what you are doing.

I finished the run in 1:57:02.

Distance : 17km
Time: 1:57:02
Ave HR : 139
Max Hr: 157
Kcal : 2129

Looking back, while the timing wasn't as bad as i thought i was as i've done a slow 18km over a 2:08 timing last month. I certainly did not felt like yesterday.

Must bring water for runs exceeding 10km. It is not an option. It is a must.

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