Thursday, August 02, 2007

7KM - 35:17

My record so far for the same route was 41minutes.

Yesterday, i was supposed to do a 17km run - Home-ttdi-kiara-klgcc-gym. But i started late and i've promised wifey i will see her in the gym by 6.30pm.

It was 6:00pm.

Changed, skipped the Shuffle, skipped the bottle, just brought my phone along.

I was really feeling lazy. Seriously lazy.

See also lazy already

My first attempt over this 7.25km distance (which i initally thought to be 8km) was 54minutes. Then, i mananged to bring it down to 44minutes, then to the best at 41minutes.

The differences in the distance was because i took extra care to extrapolates the *unknown* roads inside the Pencala Tunnel (above map), to the best of my knowledge of the route.

Later, i decided that to be fair to myself, i should just join the entry point and the exit point, and create a straight line. Same goes for the overhead passing between KM1 and KM2 at Damansara Perdana. Instead of trying to convince myself that i ran 8km, i think it would be better that i claim i ran less (ie 7KM)

Red circle shows the straight lines instead of the supposedly road curve.

Yesterday i did a 35:17.

I just ran for it. I did not slow down on the uphills and i certainly did not do so on the downhills. I just keep.on.running.

I covered the 5km mark just after the tunnel in 25 minutes. That would mean i ran faster than i did on the flat treadmill. The final 2km (or 2.24km, really) must be done within the next 10minutes.

I wanted to see if i could do the 7km run within 30minutes. I guess not. So i aimed for sub 40. And bloody got it done.

It's nothing great really for some seasoned runners that might had covered the same distance in less than 35 minutes. But for me, it's a progress.

On 15th May 2007, i lamented that i was a fat 81kg. Today, 3rd August, about 2.5 months later, i'm weighing in at 76kg. I've reached my goal of losing 5kg. I'm giving myself more challenge to lose anohter 4kg to see if i could reach 72kg by February 2008. That, i believe, should be my ideal weight for my 1.72cm height.

I reached gym right on time and headed to the weight room. Did alternate dumbell bicep curls. 10 reps/bicep and ran through the weight : 5-10-15-20-25-30-25-20-15-10-5 (in pounds la) with no rest in between. Love the pump.

Then went upstairs and pedalled on the stationery bike for 20 minutes, maintaining a 90-100 cadence. Managed to cover only 5km at that cadence.

Then, went over to the cable machine and did tricep pushdown - 5 sets, all to failure, cycling between 10lbs to 15lbs.

I have plans today to run a longer run at a slower pace. Will start run at 2pm and hope to finish by 4pm. Distance should be the supposedly 17km run i wanted to do yesterday. Only problem is, the 17km distance i know is from home to gym via kiara and klgcc. Need to map a new route to cover this 17km that starts and ends in Damansara Perdana.

17km - Today's Lunch

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