Friday, August 03, 2007

Stroke Correction & Body Fat Level

Now before any of you get any funny idea...i'm strictly talking about swimming.

Not about any other type of "stroking" action or anything that stroke for that matters.

I went back for a swim at lunch time.

Skipped lunch again as i had a heavy breakfast (Milo O Kosong and 2 slices of chiffon cake) and jumped into the ice cold apartment pool.

I did another 30minutes of freestyle. Did some interval training. At the same time, trying to correct my own stroke, finding the sweet spot, so to say.

Getting the hang of this, just need mroe time in the water, stroking.

After that, i went to Ikano to get some stuff. Can't resist but to head to the fitness store to get some FAT LEVEL measurement.

There were Tanita and also Rowell scale at the shop.

I tried all of them and i tell you, how come all gives me different reading?

Rowell stated that i'm a heavy 80.1kg with 28% fat.

If that is not bad enough, i tried the Tanita 680 and 681 and both gives me different fat reading!

My weight on both Tanita was 77.1kg (i'm clothed what) and one gives a reading of 23% and anohter 13.5%...

now, which one to believe???

I will go for the higher one la, meaning, i need to train harder and eat lesser.

I think i'm gonna end up bulimic or aneroxic...

Menu for tomorrow : MTDC - Teluk Kemang - MTDC : A short 120km ride away.

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