Thursday, August 16, 2007

Save Taman Melawati Hill - Part Duex

Remember the Save Taman Melawati Hill posting?

This is a Satelite Picture taken from Google Earth.

As this is a free software, the image you see isn't the most up to date. Infact, i can safely say that this is at least 2 years old, or more.

Green Green Grass (and trees) of Home.

The software also tells me that the hill elevation from Dato' Yusoff Haslam's house to the top of the hill, where the old Dunhill Chinese New Year Lion Dance commercial was taken is about 120meters. The Hill stands at a tall 203meters above sea level.

From the top of this hill, you can actually see the Limestone Ridge, which is the oldest and youngeest limestone ridge in the world, which is also incidently, the backbone of Titiwangsa Ridge.

On one other side, you will see the whole of KL City, the view here at night is breathtaking, provided no haze blocks the KL City Centre view, of course.

On the other side, you will see Klang Gate Dam. Come early in the morning as the sun rise and you will see the majestic sight of the dam with morning mist hovering over it.

And this hill is a bloody good workout should you choose to run or cycle or even walk up it. It is steep enough to break generous amount of sweat and long enough to get your heart pumping.

So, can someone enlighten me as to why this beautiful hill should be reserved for some rich people wanting to build ban-gang-low and deprieve people staying in Taman Melawati and it's surrounding area of it's charm and benefits?

Say NO to the development of this hill!

Post note: I just received and email from a friend and he told me that MPAJ has fast tracked the project approval and since the news came out in Bulletin Utama on the 12th August 2007. As of now, MPAJ has approved the project within 2 days!

Any of you have any idea how long it took them to rectify the nightmarish traffic flow in Melawati Town centre? Well, lets just say that it ain't in their agenda yet!

This is clearly bullying from the local authorities which we all pay taxes to!

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