Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Old Puteras at National Day's Rehearsal

I received these pictures from OP Habib and i couldn't think of any other way than to upload it into my blog and be seen by the Old Puteras themselves due to the sheer size of the picture and my inability to resize them.

OP Azudin briefing the OPs

OP Jagjit Singh " supervising " is OP Mansor Salleh ( Dato )

OP Kamaruddin Jamal on one hand

OP Albert Thong . He did 25 .........and from the looks of the faces of OPs Tan Sri Wahab Nawi and Jagjit Singh they were worried he was going to have a heart attack. OP Albert told us today that he is used to doing 100 !!...and he is 65 years old.

OP Halim (Tan Sri) Having a chat with OP Jagjit

The rain did not stop any of them!

OP Habib having his fair share of fun

Thank you OP Habib for the pics. I felt as if i'm there myself.

The OPs will be gathering at Darby Park tomorrow night for a Teh Tarik Session prior to the 31st August Parade.

I wish all of them good luck with the National Day Parade. History will be made when the 50 OPs make their way down infront of Sultan Abdul Samad building to commemorate our 50th years of Independence!

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