Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ryan - 9 Months

With 2 teeth fully grown on the bottom gum and 2 more coming out from the bottom and top gum, it makes you wonder how time did really flew.

Come this Saturday, Ryan will be 9 months old (on calendar) and he is simply adorable, well, to me and wifey at least (i mean, i don't want to impose our view to you readers la...all babies are cute what...)

Devil In Disguise

I call him Pai Kin Na - hokkien for naughty child. His maternal granma call him Rayu - Portugese for Naughty Boy. She sometimes call him ku fede as well (this, i leve you all to speculate what it is).

This kiddo loves to play. He love the water, he can't swim as yet, but he is not afraid of the water. Which is good.

He is a dirty sleeper too, you can put him in position A and he will end up in position V an hour later. Ferocious eater and we do feel bad controlling his food intake.

He can stand on his own when he feels like it. He can clap his hand if you ask him to (or bribe him with food) and he can wave "bye bye" too (yes, bribe, pls). He can also give you "five" if he thinks you are as cute as him.

No wonder why he always FIVE his parents. LOL.

Just like his father, this boy is a natural cam whore.


I sure hope the new job will give me some time to play with Ryan before he goes to sleep at night, for i bet, that would be and always be, the highlight of my day.

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