Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Old Crank

Here is a picture and see this piece of metal debut in Desaru Long Distance triathlon this weekend in Johor.

Ultegra 6500 : 39-53t

I finally managed to find the ever elusive bottom bracket to fit into my Colnago's BB frame. It's a size 68 and it's ahrd to find because most bike shop do not store older BB anymore as the new BB from Shimano are the cup type (Or HollowTech II variant).

BB6500 - Octalink

BB6600 - HollowTech II

With a 53 large crank config, i could technically go faster if i can pedal this setup and with the smaller 39 smaller crank, i could climb easier. This also meant my granny has since moved from 42-23 setup to a 39-23 setup. More forgiving i would say, and that is what i would need or possibly need in Langkawi IronMan next year.

My old Tracer crank, which was a 42-52t setup is up for sale. Going for RM35 if anyone wants it.

Tracer - 42-52 crank

And if anyone wants the Bottom Bracket that comes with this crank, grab the whole combo (crank + BB) for RM40 or just give me RM10 for the BB as i've changed the bearings. Just want to cover some cost of changing the BB for the Ultegra 6500 crank above.

Square BB with new bearings.

The two items above are pre-loved and well taken care off. Should be road-worthy for the next couple of years.

I've not tried the bicycle setup as yet. I've prep-ed the bike for Desaru and packed all my race stuff into the bag. That means there won't be any training from today, until race day.

Time to take it easy, and hope the legs will be fine on race day.

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