Monday, August 06, 2007

Monkeys - To - PD Ride

Firstly, Apologies to all that went that i had to leave much earlier/cycle faster/take less break as i was rushing back to be with my family.

Secondly, It was a freaking good ride.

There were 17 of us.

1. Me
2. Azwar
3. Bacin
4. Saiful
5. Ishsal
6. Ngae
7. Sufian
8. Dickie
9. Ali
10. Farook
11. Wong PCC
12. Bernard
13. Zabil
14. May Senn
15. Faie
16. Mac
17. Adeline

We started the ride sharp at 8am and headed towards Sepang. Decided to stay back a bit as some of us did not know the route and i do not want them to get lost.

Whore it like Saiful...

The fast riders up front

The Pimp Diddy

The Cam Whores

Ultimately, the "stay in the pack" message from Bacin and Azwar was only meant for them, as Bacin happily created his own peloton, drafting himself all the way...and Azwar, overtaking everyone going at 48km/h near Lukut.

Super Domestique Zabil - Bukit Pelanduk up ahead

With Ish and Bacin

Lets not get me started with Dickie zooming past behind a truck at 70km/h and left me, Bernard and Saiful dumbstrucked as we happily stayed behind anohter truck at 65km/h.

Covered the first 70++ KM in 2:11. Stopped for Lunch at Teluk Kemang where team CSC had their photo taken. With exception of one rider which were obviously having a major team crisis (Read: CSC top with Discovery bottom).

Team CSC Secret Training Routine - Talk On Phone in Toilet and caress bikes - thighs for sure power

Team CSC - Cyling Siamang Club

Team CSC with Groupie - Kawaii!!!!

Lunch was brief but well worth it as everyone tucked into the food merciless. The Cendol and Ais Kacang never tasted that good.

EPO laced Ais Kacang

Nasi Lemak with PowerGel

Bernard decided to do extra training by heading towards Seremban and clocking in extra 10km on the return trip.


Some of us left earlier after lunch and Ngae and Ishsal decided to take a shower at Teluk Kemang before heading home.

The front peloton was led by Mac and the middle group was led by Bacin. The sweeper duty was shouldered by Ishsal this time around.

Hips Don't Lie

CSC with Domestique Sepol

CSC Imported Rider from Indonesia, some say Batam.

Now residing in Cheras, PR Status.

Discovery Estrogen chasing CSC EPO for Yellow Jersey

Discovery decides to taunt CSC Team Leader by sticking out his tongue

Zabil cycled so fast on the return trip because he had a plane to catch, literally.

I was having my left inner thigh muscle near my knee hurting and it wasn't fun cycling and maintaining a 30km/h speed and not funny when i had to stand and pedal on some climbs near Bukit Pelanduk.

Inner thigh/knee aching...and i looked fat.

P-A-I-N : Had to suck it up and pedal the remaining 70km.

Faie was hot behind, noticed the car driver with his feet on the side mirror???

How appropriate - May Senn right under the RAINBOW!

Ali Pink

Team Discovery - CSC

A quick stop at the Shell Sepang and refueled with one bottle of 500ml Coke (it's like drugs - Sugar High :P) and i decided to leave much earlier with Wong PCC. Cycled alone all the way until Bukit Unggul and stopped for a desperate Limau Ais. The weather was really hot and my left knee/leg were hurting with every down pedal.

"You ran too much la Stupe", Bacin said. Obviously trying to sabotage my running.

"What's your mileage like?", he added.

"about 80km/week", i told him.

"Cut down, don't run so much. Don't do too much speed work", he advised.

You know it is just frustrating when you are making progress and these things happens. So, the decision to skip KOTR (if i join, i will be pirating the race anyway) was a good choice.

I saw Wong again as i was finishing my Limau Ais. Introduced myself proper and said my goodbye.

"got to go, rushing back to b with family", i excused myself.

Truth was, i wanted the ride to finish by 2pm, and be home by 3pm.

By that time, it was already 2.30pm and i have about 20km more to go.

Ignored the pain and pedalled harder.

Finished the ride and managed to leave by 2.45pm.

Packed up and drove back. Only to be stuck behind some traffic near the Bangi interchange because some car drove so fast and caused a 3 car pile up when he (a heavily modified Wira) cut into the fast lane from the left most lane.

Obviously the driver of this Iswara won't have enough space and time (and skill) to stop and prevent from kissing the dumbass Wira(which was heavily modified) and caused an accident.


Reached home by 3.30pm, wash up and played with Ryan and lepaked with wifey.

Here is the ride stats:

Distance : 136.78km
Total Riding Time : 4:47:49 (2:11 to PD and 2:36 back to MTDC)
Total Average Speed : 28.5km/h (29.8km/h to PD and 29.0km/h to MTDC)
Max Speed : 66.1km/h (Behind Truck)
Ave HR : 130bpm
Max HR : 166bpm
Kcal : 4669kcal

Wanted to swim yesterday in lieu of the "rest day" but the pool was closed for maintainence, apparently, i was swimming in unfiltered water on Friday!! No wonder the water tasted funny!


Nevertheless, i had my 30minutes of freestyle today during lunch when i went back to get lunch for MIL, which was babysitting Ryan. Menu for today would be weight works in the Gym.

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