Monday, August 06, 2007

The Mickey Mouse In Us

Yesterday, Ryan decided to play with me after his last feed at 12 midnight.

Usually, he will happily drink up his milk and go back to his usual slumber.

Dirty Sleeper

But not yesterday.

Yesterday, or rahter, this morning, he decided to be funny and not wanting to sleep.

Attempts by wifey to put him back to sleep was futile and i decided to bring him out, tire him and let him fall asleep on his own.

And boy, what a ride it was.

He did not fall asleep until 3am...not until the Documentary on Killer Jellyfish on Channel 51 finished.

This morning, he woke up at 7.30am..30 minutes earlier than he usually does.

Zombied eyes la today. Totally stoned.

ME i meant, not Ryan. He is still as fresh as ever.

Totally made a mickey out of me.

It was a sign

Maybe it was a sign when i opened the sesame oil bottle to cook dinner yesterday that i noticed the uncanny resemblence of Mickey Mouse on the cap. Today, i just went for a swim, totally don't have the energy to go for a supposedly 15km run. As Bacin would had put it, better not run so much.

With Desaru so close, getting injured, or not feeling 110% would be the last thing on my mind.

Knee/Thigh not pain anymore, thanks to the 30 minutes swim. I'm getting a hang of the freestyle/frontcrawl, just need more work to be done on the bouyancy and kicking.

IF all else fail, just drink the oil, maybe will float better

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