Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Job Offer and Ran 17km

I got a job offer from the firm which i went for interview the first time.

Needless to say i'm taking this one up.

Waiting for the offer letter to make it official and will join them come 20th August 2007.

Why 20th August? Well, that's because i do not want to take leave for Desaru!

I'm happy to say the least. Not getting what i wanted, pay wise, but it's a good fresh start as i will be doing something totally different from what i've been doing, and trained to do.

Plus point is, the office is just 20minutes from home (during morning traffic) and i couldn't ask for me more.

So, after the second interview, i went home, changed and ran 17km.

Distance : +/- 17km
Time : 2:00:51
Ave hr: 138bpm
Max hr: 162bpm
Kcal : 2190kcal

Nevermind the slow timing. I'm just really happy that i'm finally moving on to another job.

But that also meant that come 20th August onwards, this blog won't be updated as much as i would want it to be, or even perhaps, only once a week.

Not sure about the new place internet policy but i don't have any internet at home or even a PC to work with at home. I don't think i would be given a laptop by the company.

That would also meant i need to re-schedule my training timing.

I tried to book the flight to Langkawi a while ago, the price is now RM29.99 one way. Should had booked it when it was RM0.99. Then, my credit card was blocked...i wonder why...

Today's gym menu : weights.

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