Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Musing

My sis, Ee-Svun, sms-ed me yesterday when she saw the entry for the mud cake. She say she felt like eating the PC screen.

My other sis, Ee-Von, too, found out that i got a job from his boyfriend, which reads my blog yesterday.

But both of them (my sis) concluded that the ice cream on the cake taste better than the cake itself.

That did not stop them from finishing 4 pieces and brought back a tupperware filled with the cake.

Today is my official last day in the office which i've been working for the past 6 years, 10months and 25 days. I remembered sitting in the then empty office, overlooking the renovation, the installation of the airconds, the arrival of the furnitures and the exhilaration of getting my first pay.

Then the ups and downs life of being a site engineer overseeing waste water and sewage water works, dealing with brainless clients and even more brainless consultants. It is easier to blame others when you are in the lowest level of the food chain.

6 freaking years and all i have in this office is memories and 2 plastic bags of belongings (and 3 bikes behind the office). The office has always been a 2 person operation. Boss plan. I execute. The symbiotic relationship was really well as i have all the time in the world as long as i finish my work.

I remember the trips overseas, most notably to Namibia. Where i learnt to appreciate everything about Malaysia that i used to criticise. It makes me a better and more patriotic person.

I remember dealing with useless contractors that scam your money and did no work because they "do not have money to put food on the table" and tells you sob stories about their family to gain sympathies. We've been conned more than once. A company still owe us almost half a million, which has caused us to be in this situation where i had to look for a job to survive.

Don't forget those pain in the ass engineers, which demand the sky from you, and goes missing when the site inspection is in progress. But of course, there is a few decent one which we respect until today. Happy to say, they got themselves out of that company and are in better position to execute what they are trained best - join the authority.

Along the way, i've learnt about loyalty. Many says i'm being taken advantage of when i stayed even after not being paid for 2 months. Some say that i should just pack up and leave. After almost 3 months, i start to realise that i have a family to feed, and my savings are so low that the bank might find a term for the balance i have in the account - a NPA perhaps, or Non Performing Account. Heck, make that dead.

Wifey has been the strength in all these months. Giving and supporting the family when i should be the main person to do that. Of course i fell small, but i got over the ego problem as that doesn't solve the whole scenario.

In another word, i grew up a lil wiser.

Friends are mostly surprised that i'm looking for a job. Some went all out to get me one. Some passed my CV everywhere. I can't help but feel like those Ah Longs, plastering their business cards all over for all to see. I couldn't say THANK YOU to them as much as i wanted to. You guys and girls knows who you are, and i love you all for that.

On the family front, dad, which turned 55 this year, tried giving me some cash from his EPF savings. I couldn't possibly take it. They need the money more than me. Mum, on the other hand, are just really concerned, just as any mother should be. I know i've a good son as i should, but i do love both of you from the bottom of my heart.

An Older OP called me, and even persuaded me to take on the job with him. His wise words were to advise me on the "salary you need" and the "salary you want". I never see it that way until that phone call.

Lets face it, i've not went for a single interview in my working life. I impressed the panel enough to get myself a Malaysian Tobacco Scholarship when i was in TAR College, even rejecting the scholarship from Intel when i was offered one. So, when i was put in a position where i have to be in Tie and Long Sleeves shirt on a normal working day, it felt funny.

And scary.

I do not know my market value, because i've been paid the same amount for the past 4 years. I do not know what are good company benefits because i've never made to know of any. I've never taken any leaves, except when love ones passed away and for my Desaru race for 2 consecutive years. I've not claimed any medical, let alone dental. In short, i'm just a very big frog under a very small coconut shell.

Now, this big frog has something to look forward to. The new job promises good learning experience and steep learning curve. I will be something i'm not trained totally but it's possible to catch it on training. I'm just happy with the opportunity given.

I would not have internet access at home and i won't be able to update this blog as much as i wanted to. I'm not sure about internet access at work or the level of permission i'm allowed to. Do drop by to visit this blog, though i know the traffic is nothing to shout about. I know who most of you are that comes here.

Unfortunately, at this point of time, Desaru Race Report seems to be in a "not confirmed" status, as i will be starting work on 20th August, 1 day after Desaru Tri.

Changes is good but very very scary.

Thank you all for sticking with me.

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