Thursday, August 09, 2007

1996 Training Logs

Can't believe this. I actually found my training log which i misplaced for the longest time.

First of my many rides up Genting Sempah - Complete journey is 65km

Back then, it was my Le Run Vesuvius MTB that kept me company on these rides/training ride. What was i training for? I'm not sure, probably nothing! I still have my ol faithful bike behind at the office, still in working condition!

I usually start my ride from my old house that i grew up in Taman Permata. Will ride along the now busy MRR2 towards Gombak Setia via the back route which was then MRR2 in construction. I would follow all the small route and exit near Gombak Batu 6 before heading to Batu 12, where the then (and now) Mimaland (which ceased operation for the longest time) were.

I remembered cycling through the old route 68 (as what it was called 11 years ago, at least), ride over a Bailey Bridge (essentially an iron temporary bridge) and then the road would be as quiet as the night.

There is no traffic except for a stray timber truck or two. There is also the very smelly mountain goat which some of the orang asli reared and i was chased by them once.

The UM Research centre was already there back then. Avid bird watchers congregate there as well as this route serves as a great look out spot for birds of all kind (no pun intended).

5 days later...and i cycled there, again...

This Genting Sempah ride was a staple ride for me once every 2 weeks. My mum thought i went crazy and back then, there wasn't any handphone (or that affordable yet) and i brought along a few ringgit and bananas for the ride.

I usually ride alone. Crazy as i realised it is not that safe to do so.

My other usual route is doing laps in and around Melawati. Up and down the hills which was great training.


I used to cycle to the National Library as well as i do not have a car to drive. Usually i take the Setiawangsa route towards Jalan Gurney and turn off to Jalan Tun Razak.

I used to cycle to MINDEF's swimming pool to swim too, and remembering seeing Surin's dad's picture on the Sport's Committee board.

:-) :-) :-)

Fast forward 11 years, i'm still glad i'm still doing this.

I just booked the ticket to Langkawi and room as well. Cost me(or at this point, wifey) below RM500 all in. This IronMan Dreams proved to be an expensive affair. I'm just glad i'm gonna start a new job soon, and get some money to pay for all these dreams.

Today's menu : Run 17km, lets set the target a bit higher at 24km, shall we? This might be my last long run as i might not have the luxury to do so when i start working on the 20th.

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