Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Note To Ryan

Hey Boy.

Your dad is currently riding on high heaven after a great show in PDIT and last Sunday's Duathlon.

Remember the letter he wrote to you when you were still in your mummy's womb?

Oh ya, you haven't, (not until you learn to read and if this blog is still in existence when you could read). Your dad knows it's a long shot, but as what is everything in life, it's a long long shot.

This is lesson Number Five : Dream Along In Life, for with Dream, you will have a Goal, with the Goal, you work hard to achieve it.

As of today, your dad has been training really hard, ok, maybe not as hard as other might think so. He is clocking good mileage to the extend some people call him a mutant.

But rest assured, he is very much human like you and me, he is just very driven by his dream. Infact, he feel that with him broadcasting his training log for all to see, he is sort of inspiring others to pick themselves up and start swimming, biking and running.

Not sure if he is that influential or not, he claim he was, but that is just his narsicist self talking.

He has a dream, and that is to complete his first ever IronMan dream next year. He wanted you to be proud of him and brag in school that "My Dad is An Ironman, what's yours", if you get my drift.

At this point of time, your dad has tonnes of great friends, all out to help him with his job search. What did he tell you about Lesson One in life?All doing what they could in their capacity so that he will get what he deserves, career wise. That too, he has a dream, and that is to be able to provide for you and your siblings and his families. So, in anyway when you grow up and decide to just spend his and your mum's money like they grow on tree, rest assured that they will smack you.

So, Boy, go on and DREAM. For with Dream comes GOAL, and with Goal, Success. Just don't dream too long, ok? And put this Lesson Five with Lesson Four and i can assure that you're right on track to do what you want in life.

PS - Your dad applied to be included into PowerBar Elite Team 2008, wish him luck will ya?



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