Tuesday, July 31, 2007

UM Duathlon - Pics

As promised, the report was done yesterday and this are the pictures i managed to snap after the race.

Jun Shen, Budin, Kam

Vicky at finish line

Neeza - runners up for Women Varsity!

Jun Shen - 5th placing for Men Varsity! Sorry ah, backside shot

Nurina - 18th Women Open - power!

Vicky - 15th Women Open (correct?)

Julie - 3rd!!! not sure her placing....

Abu - 19th Men Open

The 13th placing medal

The 13th placing notification

The 13th placing RM50

After the race, i went back and broke the news to wifey. She thought i was joking. So, i spent her one Magnum ice cream to convince her (because i DON'T buy this expensive ice cream), i celebrated with one myself, drank 1.5liter of Coke, ate 2 roti canai for lunch and pigged out on rice and sotong masak kicap for dinner.

That's my one way for rewarding myself for a race well done.

It wouldn't had happened if stronger chaps like Steve, Zabil, Shazly, Bacin, Dickie and Azwar were to be in the race! It was just my very lucky day! Well done to all!!!

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