Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Interview

Went for anohter interview yesterday afternoon.

This time, an engineering company that does mainly wastewater. The main company/mother company has one refinery in Kemaman, which means, if i were to get myself into that company, i'm indirectly will be involved with Oil and Gas industry.

Reached the company 15minutes earlier, like this for sure good impression. The person in charge, which turned out to be the GM for the subsidary company he is heading.

He was smartly dressed in long sleeves and tie.

I was in my usual work clothes - slack and short sleeve shirt.

I was grossly underdressed.

Plus 5 points for showing up early, minus 10 points for under dressing.


To start with, i did not know that this wasn't the typical chinaman engineering/construction company. Infact, i thought it was some small setup much like what i am in.

I only found out it was a much bigger setup when i reached their office, nestled in some shoplots inside some housing area somewhere in Bandar Kinrara.

Filled up the interview forms, which i thought wasn't nessasary as all the details they asked for was already in my CV.

After doing so (including writing my own chinese name), i went into the GM's room and the interview begin.

"I'm so sorry sir for i'm grossly under dressed for the interview", i said, apologetically.

"It's alright", he says.

but i remember seeing the forms i just filled in, there was a column for the interviewer to rate "APPEARANCE".


He then proceed to asked me to tell him about my current job experience, which i did as detailed as i could. There were a few unsure answers which i gave, which i then cover with the fact that some of those are almost 5 years ago.

Minus 5 points.

He then told me he is looking for a junior engineer, but since i was strongly reccomended, he will try to work something out.

He asked what is my current salary, which i know would put a smile on his face as my basic is very very low for someone with 6 years experience.

And indeed it did.

I explicitly asked for 200-300% increase to match my supposedly going rate (yes people, my basic is that low to begin with), but i forsee him justifying that a 50% increase would be more than generous.

Told you i would regret rejecting Nike.

No running/training yesterday or today, a last minute meeting was called by the Old Boys' President for 4.30pm today, yesterday was wifey's 5th branch opening. Will update that next week with some pics, Lifelogger having some problem with my uploaded pictures.

Will head to the gym later at night with wifey. Time to hit the weight machines.

Might cycle a good 60 or 80km tomorrow with the monkeys(which will do the Broga Loop, and i will U turn half way through).

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