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89.88km : RMC - PD 7-7-07

34 Old Puteras(OPs) and 16 Kawan Old Putera (herewith will be known as KOPs) converged at RMC's swimming pool area in the morning of 7th July 07. As early as 5.30am, cyclists started arriving and as more familiar faces were seen, OP Azly, me and a few Kawan OPs helped out with the registration of the cyclists.

Goodies included PowerBar and PowerGel, together with a PowerBar bottle. Also given away for the ride was the cool yellow cotton jersey for the ride with RMC Crest on the left chest area.

I shalt not show the picture of Chief Kutu wearing an XXXS jersey which were sexy enough (and if he is a she, Jabatan Agama will for sure saman him).

For me, the fun/ride started when i started loading up cardboxes into my car.

Where can i put my bike???

I managed to squeeze in my bike and i had the car back filled to the roof.

I need a bigger car

Also, not forgetting enough bananas to feed the soon to be hungry riders.

All 25kg of it

I reached RMC by 5.45am, unloaded the stuff and proceeded to say hi to most of the riders and doing administrative work and help OP Fadzil organise the front desk.

By 6.50am, all riders were ushered to the starting point near the roundabout, opposite the abseiling tower.

The Star did show a picture of the flag off, but the magnitude (read : crowd) which were there could only be better explained with this picture

Seas of Royal Yellow

OP Pujangga flagged off the riders soon after the Bugler's call was made from the top of the abseiling tower. Nostalgic. Not everyday you get the Signal Cor to do that; Only in RMC! The KOPs must be pretty impressed!

Along with us were 3 lady cyclist, KOP Jaja and KOP Ms.K, which did the full distance and Wife of OP Wan Sabri, Puan Mariam (which form the Tag team of Father, Mother and Son cyclist with OP Wan Sabri and OP Wan Shazwan).

With police outriders, RSAT's ambulance, 3 tonner and a van escorting the main convoy, plus the many other support vehicle following the entourage, one would had been forgiven to think that it was Tour De France; only differences is it's Malaysia and everyone is wearing a Yellow Jersey (denoting leader).

I was tasked as a SWEEPER for the ride. That meant i would always be behind. So, for extra workout, i decided NOT to shift to the lower crank and use the bigger crank only (52) with the rear cog size of 15. This would give me enough resistance and ensure i give the legs some good workout.

I was with OP Shazwan for the first part of the ride. Mind you, he is ashmatic; nevermind he is the youngest OP that take part and holding up the traffic behind him. I give credit to him for riding with us that morning without complaining!

I bet he felt like some royalty with the convoys of vehicles behind him!

OP Shazwan 94G

By the way, the oldest rider was actually a KOP, he is non other that my Mum In Law's ex colleague, Uncle Rahim, he is in his mid 60's now.

At Checkpoint 1 : KM 30

From CP 1, we headed to CP2, which is the town of Sepang, also marking the mileage of 50KM ++. Everyone rode in a pack, with exception of a few riders which tried very hard to catch up with the main peloton infront. My view from herewith are based on observation from BEHIND. Thank goodness i'm not an ex-MCKK (or that will be the day when MCKK let a Malaysian Chinese into their school!)

OP Fadzil in his XXXS Jersey - thanks KA for the pic!

The route from Bukit Unggul to Sepang Town was pretty flat. Having IronMan and Triatheltes OPs and KOPs only made the front peloton started going at 45km/h. I guess the outriders must had thought it was not possible for the bikes to go that fast. I can't help it, so, occasionally, i sprinted infront of the pack from way behind just to give the legs some workout.

With the like of OP Ahmad Jauhari (AJ) and KOP Halim Sterling, both accomplished IronMan, it's only a matter of time before the whole peloton started cranking it up.

And the way they go!!!

How does it feel to be holding up traffic?

My duty as the sweeper was some sort like a police outrider as well, only difference is that i'm only allowed to go as fast as the last rider. I have to make sure that traffic don't come/pass too close for comfort and occasionally i found myself shouting at some drivers which has no patience when overtaking and almost running into a few cyclists. It was only when they saw police infront that they suddenly became obedient drivers. Hypocrites!

With OP Shazly on his very nice bike

With OP Ismadi talking about life!

We reached CP2 at Sepang town soon after and everyone started to eat the bananas, even the outriders.

OP Akmal Azran - My batchmate!

OP Dr. Amir - my ex jambuDoc's ex Jambu.

Doc did not ride with us that day, he was having a fever but he came nevertheless and acted as one of the support vehicle, cheering everyone on the bike as he stop and make sure that everyone is a-ok. Together with me, we acted as Rider-Sweeper-Vehicle.

KOP Bacin - He will be doing IM2008 with me

With the monkeys

Seriously, i can't help sprinting to the front of the pack...

Of course la, after the sprint/breakaway, i need to drop back behind and be a sweeper.

With Ms. Kay - notice the lorry overtaking on doubleline???

At the start of Bukit Pelanduk, which was supposed to tbe crux of the ride with big climbs, OP AJ and KOP Halim Sterling actually stopped to make sure everyone at the back was a-ok. How nice of them!

KOP Halim Sterling giving the cold stare to the lorry cutting into our path...OP Kam on red MTB

OP Akmal...well done bro!

Last rider - unidentified rider - OP or KOP???

Ambulance always behind us...

All riders reached Lukut town safely and with less than 20km to go to PD, the faster group went ahead and the slower group mistakenly took the coastal road (instead of the highway). Along with the ambulance and the 3 tonner, i was left as the last rider that took the highway. A few of the rider took the coastal road, but they were safely in hand with the 3 tonners.

The PD highway was an undulating road. Riders will get to see the next hill they are about to climb soon after they climb one, it was essentially a roller coaster ride. Up and Down the road.

Doc was the only support vehicle left and he gracisouly helped load a few riders into his truck for some R&R. I was happily riding up the hills with the 52-15 combo. Only way to feel some muscle being used!

Everyone reached PDGCC safe and sound after 5hours 11 minutes of riding. With me being the last man, that is.

When we reached, we were each given a medal, to denotes us completing the 89.88km ride. OP Ling and OP Radzi was seen giving the medals away.

The medal

The message

The riders then went to have lunch and a shower before waiting for our transport back to RMC at 3.30pm.

Bacin terlampau

Bikes loaded up in 3tonners with cardboxes

All in all, it was a good ride for some, an achievement for the first timer which does the longest cycling distance in their life (and i hope many more longer distances to come for them) and for me, it was a total leisure ride with bunch of like minded OPs and KOPs, which made the whole outing worth the 5 hours of ride under the hot sun.

R&R ride - thanks Chips!

Here are soem ride stats from my side.

Distance : 89.88km
Time taken overall : 5:11:37
Riding Time: 4:31:24
Ave HR : 98bpm
Max HR : 162bpm
Ave Speed : 19.8km/h
Max Speed : 58.4km/h
Kcal burned: 4246kcal

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