Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Ways To Earn $ :

I just came across this website and apparently, it is about the same as Google Adsense.

I've been banned by Adsense, as you all know, and i did reapply again after so many months with a different email addie and it was again, rejected.

Reason was that "You Do Not Meet Our Clients' Portfolio".

I know my blog has low traffic, so, earning a 4 figure payout from blog advert is totally out of reach.

PPC or Pay Per Click is still the easiest way to go where online advert is concerned. It's non-intrusive and it goes direct to the point.

ExoClick has very simple interface and it's easier to use compared to one particular text link program i've signed up.

Only catch is that, you won't be certified as a Publisher unless you get 100 clicks on the ads. So, you all that read my blog, help me here! Clicking on my own blog is not ethical and it's wrong, and i might be banned, so, it's up to you all to help click on these ads below (i've installed the code at the bottom right side of my blog, under SPONSORS)

So, help out la, either sign up as a publisher or click so i could be officially known to them as a publisher. If you need my help to click on yours, let me know ;-)

I broke my piggy bank to free some cash!

Cold Hard Cash saved over the years!

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