Monday, July 30, 2007

Saturday - Genting Peres 70K

"Klawang is the point of no return, either you progress towards Broga, or take the route back via genting Peres, either way, you will reach home the same time", Bacin lamented.

My plan on Saturday was just to do Genting Peres. I received an SMS from Chief Kutu, asking me to join him for a ride to Genting Peres.

Lilttle did i know that this will involve 16 riders.

To name them, Chief Kutu Ahmad Fadzil, Dr. K, Faie, Jaja, Aini, Mac, Shazly, Bacin, Dickie, Laif, Alex, May Senn, Zabil, Shidi, Another babe Adeline Lee, another guyBernard and Me. Joo Ngan, the ex national cycling coach, was also there, but as usual, he smoked the rest of us as he climbed Peres way ahead of everyone else. Must be his staple morning ride, it seemed.

Half of us will be doing up to Peres only and the other half would be doing the Broga loop.

I was in half mind over which one. I promised wifey i would be back early that day, and i have stocks of women shoes in the car to be delivered to wifey's shop. So, i finally decided. Just do Genting Peres. Twice. That would had been a good workout with the 10km climb one way.

here is the ride stats:

Distance : +/- 70km
Time : 2:22:02
Ave HR: 130bpm
Max HR: 169bpm
Ave Speed: 29.6km/h
Max Speed: 60.1km/h
Kcal: 2477kcal

One way up Genting Peres is 10km. So, 2 trips would set be back 40km up and down.

Half the gang then went to Sungai Congkak, which is a good 5km from the batu 18 RV point over rolling hills for Nasi Lemak.

Here are some of the pics taken on Saturday


May Senn

Me, Zabil, Laif, Shazly, Dickie

May Senn, Adeline and Alex

Bacin and Laif

Shidi, Shazly, Zabil

Chief going downhill

Me going downhill with Mac behind

Coming up is fun, going down also fun!

Faie and Jaja

Aini's Sis, Aini and Mac

It was a good ride. Those that chosed this route ended up with at least 2 packs of Nasi lemak in their tummy after the ride.

I'm looking forward to Broga proper, in the near future. More long rides needed.

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