Friday, July 27, 2007

Scam : MBPJ Parking Summons

I tell you. Would you be pissed if you suddenly get warning letter that you have outstanding summon from MBPJ but you never recaleld you got any?

What made it worse was you actually paid the parking and did make sure it wasn't expired when you are parked there.

How about if you did pay RM5/day, which entitles you to get the whole day parking and yet, you get letters from them telling you got outstanding summons?

Would it smell even fish-sier when all the summons happened to be ONCE a WEEK in the SAME MONTH?

3/5/07 - blind or what?

7/5/07 - WTF???!!!

9/5/07 - Getting to my nerves...

14/5/07 - That's it la!

Why? They got qoutas to meet ah?

Thank goodness that me and wifey keep out parking tickets or we would both be RM400 poorer by this SCAM.

What irritates us is that we waste productive time going to MBPJ to settle this issue.

if that is not bad (afterall, get to cancel summons and save RM400), the person behind the counter was downright RUDE.


"Apa pasal tak datang kancel bila dapat saman?", the lady behind the counter shouted at wifey.

Wifey trying to be nice but can't hold it back "I WILL if there is a SUMMON ON THE SCREEN IN THE FIRST PLACE".

It seems that the person behind the counter can't understand english, or her command of english is bad, and when someone speaks to her in English, she gets all flustered and don't know what to do.

She just throw wifey some forms and ask her to fill it up.

The person behind the counter was lucky that i was in the car waiting and not there to see it. I would had give her a piece of my mind, in Malay.

So, pass this words around. Imagine if 100 person were given these faux summon, that is an easy RM10K into MBPJ coffer without doing anything wrong on your side! I'm sure the number of victims are much more than this!!!

If you did recieved any summon from MBPJ, question the summon, for all you know, they conviniently just book you for any offence you did not do, and then throw away the summon and in 2 months time, you get letter from them to ask you to settle the summons.

These little Napoleans must be eradicated.

To the MBPJ officers that are reading this, please don't forget we tax payers are the one PAYING your SALARIES!!!!

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